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Other Music Written by Pete

Things That Matter Most EP Cover Art.jpg

I really hope you enjoyed the book and the tune! If you like music that tells stories about life's memorable and meaningful moments... the importance of finding time for just the two of you... the hope you have for children when they head out into the world... get married... what it takes to make it through rough spots in a long term relationship... growing old together and dealing with profound loss, please consider picking up this newly released album.  There are a number of different sounds, styles, artists, and genres, but the consistent theme you'll find in all of them is the "feel" of the story told by the song.  In addition to "Little Pink Kitty Christmas," the EP includes:

Together Alone by Silver Line - Cover Ar

Together Alone

Finding time for just the two of you should remain a priority at 5, 10, 20 – 50 years of marriage.  Featuring multiple instruments and professional production by Gary McCaffrey.

Gypsy Road Cover Art with Silver

On a Gypsy Road

As your kids or other young people you love prepare to leave home, remind them it’s important to find and embrace joy in the lives they choose. Featuring vocals by Pete, multiple instruments, Jon Marksteiner on the harp, and professional production by Gary McCaffrey

His New Girl Cover - Tunecore.jpg

His New Girl

If you are or have ever been the mother of the groom or someone who loves her, you’ve witnessed this bittersweet emotional journey. Featuring vocals by Chloe Guilfoil & piano by Ray Foote.

Little More Better Cover Art -

A Little More Better

Everyone who’s promised “for better or worse,” has weathered—or will weather—rough waters along the way. You don’t need life-changing, grand gestures to get through them, just a little less of the “worse,” and a little more of the “better.”  Featuring vocals by Chloe Guilfoil & piano by Ray Foote.

Pete Guitar Color PNG.png

I Miss the Old Days

Remember life before “devices” and social media?  ‘nuff said. 

Far From Perfect.jpg

Far From Perfect, But He Was Mine, Chanteuse

Growing old with someone you love isn’t about perfection. It’s about devotion that is as profound and indomitable as it is life affirming and beautiful.  Featuring vocals by Chanteuse.

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