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Finalist in "The Wishing Shelf 2020 Children's Book Awards!

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“… his song and book 'Little Pink Kitty" really spoke to me and brought a tear to my eye. It was the perfect song and person to end the year on and hope that this Christmas you too can find a little Christmas Miracle of your own.”  Rae Leigh, “Songwriter Trysts” Singer Songwriter, Podcaster  

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Pete Marksteiner gives readers a nicely written book with bold and colorful illustrations.  It’s a short read, but the book, hits the mark with keeping focus on the holidays.  This year will be very different for families.  Celebrations might not feel like the Christmases of long ago.  I’m sure many are searching for their own miracles as well.  This is why I “loved it from start to finish…. This book would definitely be a treat under the tree!”  Robert Definis, Ph.D.

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The tale is one very suitable for a 'story time', meaning it does stretch over age brackets. I think much of this is thanks to the fact that the tale is told from the father's point of view. He wants to make his daughter's day amazing and goes on a search. He's the one who re-discovers the meaning of Christmas, too. While putting him as the main character might seem to distance this one from younger readers, it doesn't. Not at all. Young listeners will have absolutely no problem sliding into his shoes as he searches for the perfect gift. After all, kids often want to make their parents happy with a perfect gift and struggle and worry, too. As said, it's great for a Christmas tale together. The illustrations are nicely done and allow the tale to open up while being read. Kids can follow it on their own without a reader, too… Of course, the extra bonus on this one is the fact that it can also be viewed or listened to. The song version is a treat as is the video version. I've watched it already a few times with my kids because we enjoyed it quite a bit… Seriously, head over there and then click on the Youtube link. You won't regret it! (Go here - Merry Christmas).  Tonja Drecker  

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Book Notes: Panama City Native Pens Christmas Story, Panama City News Herald

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"Anyone that has scrambled getting the perfect gift can relate to this story. Message is spot on . I’m sure both niece and her parents will enjoy reading this at bedtime. Detailed Illustrations brng the story to life." 


"This is the sweetest children’s book... so touching and a wonderful story..."

I bought this book for each of our four adult children for Christmas so they will have it to start a Christmas tradition for reading the story to their children. It is a reminder of what the season is all about - and having Faith.

What a wonderful, heartwarming story that children and adults will equally enjoy. This is a must-have addition to any family’s Christmas story collection. It is a timeless tale of love, joy, kindness, and Christmas miracles. And the illustrations are absolutely stunning. I enjoyed the story so much that I purchased several to share with our friends and family. I hope there will be a sequel!

This story of love is enjoyable for both children and adults. I highly recommend it.

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